Luck y or Not.

Published January 10, 2014 by valeriestuber

Luck y or Not.

Andrew Luck prepares for his upcoming game with Tom Brady and the patriots. Now you can watch all the news cast talking about the big battle. Brady with years with experience, Luck with his Rookie Luck.
Here is my opinion. Just because the colts are young doesn’t mean they can’t win. This team has something unique I haven’t seen for a long time.The team works together so well. Luck takes ownership of his mistakes…something Brady rarely seems to do.
I wouldn’t want to play for Brady… he might bite your head off if you can catch his impossible to catch, over your head, 10 yards away, throw.
The media caters to Brady because frankly…he is Brady.
I hope Luck never gets to the point where he is cussing out his players on the side lines.
My opinion doesn’t mean crap, but I do like to express them.

The Colts need to remember, they beat Denver this year , there is no reason why they can’t beat the Patriots.

Go Colts, you have heart, you have game, you have a chance.


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